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It’s a big week for Italian Motorcycle companies. First, The Harley-Davidson MV Augusta buyout was finalized and now it looks like Ducati will be sold to a group of existing investors. The deal, which will see a minority group of shareholders purchase the remaining 70% of the company for about $579 million. The deal has already been approved by regulators and is expected to go through next month, it will see Ducati delisted from public trading.

Performance Motorcycles S.p.A. is an investment vehicle formed by three
of Ducati’s main shareholders: Investindustrial, BS Investimenti and
Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan.

But what does this mean for Ducati fans? Not much. The buyout is being
conducted by a conservative group of investors who foresee continued
success for the Bologna-based company. Ducati achieved a net profit of
€13.3 million in 2007, seeing worldwide bike shipments increase 18.7
percent to 38,365 units. Ducati North America also posted record sales
this June. If anything, the sale puts the company on firmer financial
ground, enabling it to meet its promise to introduce 10 new models by

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