10 Dumbest Things You Can Do On a Bike


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There’s no fixing stupid and, although some of us would never own up to it, we have all done some pretty dumb things when riding motorcycles. Here are some of our favorites.

Brain Fade 1: You’re coming up to a very busy intersection and you want to turn left. There’s a ton of traffic ahead of you and lots of pedestrians milling around on the sidewalk. You hit the horn instead of your signal and everyone is suddenly looking at you, including the enormous angry guy in the truck ahead who is now confused as to why you’re beeping at him.

Brain Fade 2: It’s a sunny day, you’re out on your bike and you’re looking good. Nothing wrong with grabbing a quick look at your reflection in the store windows as you ride by, right? Nothing wrong at all, except the traffic ahead has suddenly backed up and you now need to stop admiring yourself and be on the brakes to keep from rear-ending the car ahead of you.

Brain Fade 3: Damn it’s cold outside. Time to put on the cold weather gear. Step into that expensive riding suit, zip yourself in. Put on the backpack with chest and abdomen straps, pull on your helmet and put on those thick cold weather gloves. Walk outside to your motorcycle and realize your key is still in your jean pocket. (Ouch!)

Brain Fade 4: You’ve been riding all day and you’re getting tired. You pull up at a stoplight. You think your sunglasses have slipped down your nose a little. Lift your visor up and poke yourself in the eye. Only then do you remember you’re not wearing them as you’re riding at night. Have to pull over, as you may have a corneal abrasion.

Brain Fade 5: Quick run to the grocery store on your bike. You’ve got the list of everything you need and it shouldn’t be that difficult to get it all on your motorcycle. The problem is that no matter how many times you’ve done this you always buy more than your bike’s bags can carry. You now have to ride home with three cans of beans, a six-pack of beer and a large loaf of bread stuffed down the front of your jacket.

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