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17 months ago, the hearts of motorcyclists everywhere broke when a talented, passionate engineer released a video announcing that his little American sportbike brand had been killed by its evil corporate overlords. Today, Erik Buell Racing releases its first new streetbike, the EBR 1190RS. Gone are the air-cooled engines and bad boardroom decisions which saw sport tourers released as sportbikes. Gone are the compromises and gone is the cost cutting. Instead, we have a no-holds-barred, ass-kicking American superbike that’s going to show the Japanese and Europeans what a fast motorcycle can be. Congratulations Erik, we’re sure this is the start of many more great things.

Compare this video to this photo.

Included in this photo gallery are 26 exclusive, high-res photos snapped for us at the Indy Dealer Expo this morning by Matt from Footshifted and Scott from Cleveland CycleWerks.

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