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Coming hot on the heels of yesterday's Brammo Empulse is an entirely different take on electric performance. The eRoehr eSuperbike is eFaster but also eWay more expensive. It's also based around and existing eChassis, that of the eHyosung GT250R and will only be produced in eLimited numbers. Still, 96bhp and 135mph is eImpressive.

There's actually three bikes here, but they all look about identical.

The eSuperSport uses a single AC induction motor that makes 48bhp, has
5.8kWh of battery capacity, will hit 100mph, weighs 395lbs and costs

The eSuperBike uses two of the eSuperSport's AC induction motors for
96bhp and a 135mph top speed. It's batteries can hold 7.7kWh of go
juice, but weight is up to 500lbs. A snip at $27,595.

The eSuperbike RR is identical to the non-RR eSuperbike but adds fully
adjustable Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes.

The eRoehrs should appeal to electric vehicle enthusiasts who want
something they can race in the TTXGP or tinker with, the idea here isn't
to try and enter the mass market to compete with Brammo. No word on
ranges, but despite the full-fairing they should be somewhat limited due
battery capacities that now, post Empulse, feel a bit small.

Roehr  Thanks for the tip, Ben.

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