Essential Riding Gear For Commuters

Making motorcycles your main transportation? Good for you, but it’s going to take a little more than just finding a secure place to park. Helmets, jackets, pants, gloves and all that good stuff will keep you comfortable across varying weather conditions and safe in city traffic. But, how much should you spend and which gear works best? This is essential riding gear for commuters, whether you’re on a budget, want the best or anywhere in between.

Budget Gear

Icon Airmada Icon Airmada

Helmet: Icon Airmada ($180)

Our favorite sport helmet of the moment — full stop — works equally well in the day-to-day rush, where its fog-free visor, excellent ventilation and extraordinary comfort pay dividends, even while you’re doing 25 mph.

Alpinestars Roam WP Alpinestars Roam WP

Boots: Alpinestars Roam WP ($150)

A basic set of tall, supportive, waterproof boots should be a stable of any commuter’s riding outfit. The Roams will get the job done thanks to grippy soles, strong heal and toe boxes and good ankle impact protection.

Alpinestars SP8 Alpinestars SP8

Gloves: Alpinestars SP8 ($89.95)

A basic set of quality sport gloves feature good impact protection and solid comfort. Consider the environment in which you’re riding and purchase accordingly. Expand the comfort envelope of any glove with a cheap pair of silk glove liners.

Alpinestars Andes Two-Piece Alpinestars Andes Two-Piece

Suit: Alpinestars Andes Two-Piece (Jacket and Pants) ($480)

There are cheaper waterproof two-pieces available, but they’re a false economy. Spend up to a quality suit from a name brand that will last a few years and actually be capable of keeping you comfortable and safe in inclement weather.

Earplug Headphones Earplug Headphones

Comms: Earplug Headphones ($20)

Want to listen to music or directions while you ride? A basic set of earplug headphones will allow you to do so on the cheap, while blocking out ambient wind noise.

Firstgear Torrent Backpack Firstgear Torrent Backpack

Luggage: Firstgear Torrent Backpack ($60)

A basic waterproof backpack that will keep your stuff dry in a downpour. Carry your office shoes, laptop and more.

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