Essential Riding Gear For Commuters

Mid-Range Gear


Helmet: HJC RPHA Max ($420)

A comfy, well-made, lightweight and quiet flip-front from an unexpected brand. You’ll be shocked at how nice this helmet is and the included Pinlock visor insert will keep it fog free while the flip-down sun visor will aid those early morning and late afternoon commutes.

Alpinestars Scout WP Alpinestars Scout WP

Boots: Alpinestars Scout WP ($250)

These ADV-style boots punch above their mid-range price tag with excellent comfort, support and safety. They’ll keep your feet dry, your feet safe and your bike upright.

Alpinestars 365 Alpinestars 365

Gloves: Alpinestars 365 ($195)

An un-insulated pair of waterproof riding gloves that use Gore-Tex “XTrafit” which bonds the membrane to the shell so it doesn’t get tangled up when you take them on and off. These are incredibly versatile, working in reasonably hot and reasonably cold conditions and keep your hands dry throughout.

Alpinestars Long Range Two-Piece Alpinestars Long Range Two-Piece

Suit: Alpinestars Long Range Two-Piece (Jacket and Pants) ($757)

Spending more money on a riding suit nets you higher quality and greater versatility. This Long Range will work no matter how hot or cold or wet it gets and will survive years of even the most grueling commute.

Sena SMH5 Sena SMH5

Comms: Sena SMH5 ($145)

This basic helmet communications system syncs with your phone via BlueTooth, enabling you to take or make phone calls and listen to navigation or music. More expensive options feature a greater range with which you can communicate with other riders, but for commuting purposes, you don’t really need that, so save the money.

Kriega R25 Backpack and US-20 Tailpack Kriega R25 Backpack and US-20 Tailpack

Luggage: Kriega R25 Backpack ($180) and US-20 Tailpack ($140)

The best soft luggage available comes with a 10-year warranty and is comfortable and easy to use. Whether you go for backpack, tailpack or some other arrangement, Kriega luggage will keep your stuff secure and dry.

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