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The FIM is showing the KTM electric motorcycle and a few other green bikes in Geneva this weekend at a conference on the future of bike racing. These shots, taken by an attendee are probably the clearest yet of the 2010 KTM E-Bike. Yeah, it looks like they're going to call it "E-Bike" rather than the previously used "KTM Zero Emission Motorcycle."

The KTM E-Bike is a race-ready dual sport with 29.5lb/ft
of torque. That may not sound like much, but at just 90kg (198lbs), it
weighs 7kg less than KTM's own 125cc enduro. That's the torque of a
250cc two-stroke -- all of which will be available from 1rpm -- wrapped
up in a package that's lighter than a 125. The lithium ion batteries
give the electric KTM a range of about 40 minutes under "race

Don't take those specs, which sit somewhere between the Quantya Strada
and 2009 Zero X, as the final word though. We'd be shocked if KTM
doesn't adapt the latest battery technology when the bike goes into
production next year, giving it something closer to the Zero's 50lb/ft
of torque.

The photographer reports seeing something akin to a throttle tube and
wires on the left handlebar, indicating the possible presence of a
Vectrix VX-1-like regenerative system. Roll forward with your left hand
when you want to decelerate and resistance is placed on the motor,
recharging the batteries. This arrangement is superior to regenerative
braking systems on machines like the Toyota Prius or the rear of the
Mission One in that it doesn't add unsprung weight or reduce brake
feel. Like KTM's KERS system, this takes advantage of otherwise wasted
energy, but here extends the range rather than adding power.

via FIM

Thanks for the tip, Skadamo. 

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