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One of the more distinct schemes we've seen on a racetrack, Colin Edwards debuted this "Patriot" Arai at the Indianapolis GP last year. Nearly a year later, an Arai Corsair V replica version is on sale. Featuring the Special Warfare insignia of the US Navy SEALs and the stars and stripes, the design pays tribute to the 22 special forces soldiers who were killed on August 6 last year when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan. Most of those soldiers were members of the elite SEAL Team 6, which was responsible for killing Osama bin Laden.

At the Indy GP last year, our friends at Monster Energy shot this video for us.

The Special Warfare insignia is made up of an eagle clutching an anchor, trident and flintlock pistol. The eagle is America’s symbol of freedom, also representing the SEAL’s speciality in aerial insertions. The anchor represents the Navy, of which the SEALs are a part. The trident represents the sea, which is the core operating environment for the service. The cocked and ready to fire pistol represents preparedness and direct action.

We pinched a couple images from Riders Discount, which has the helmet in stock now.

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