The Five Best Ways To Add Storage To A Sportbike


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Sportbikes can be exceptionally practical. They’re light, they’re efficient, they have good brakes and slim dimensions. But man, is it a pain to carry your stuff on them. With a little clever modification, it needn’t be. Here are the best ways to add storage to any sportbike.

The Five Best Ways To Add Storage To A Sportbike - Tank bag
Tank bag

#1 Tankbag

Tankbags bring numerous benefits: they locate the mass of your luggage as close to your bike’s center of gravity as possible, out of the wind, securely between your arms. They also leave room for a passenger and make it easy to read a map. We like the Kriega US Tank Bag Adaptor, which works on literally any bike and fixes either a 10 or 20-liter, totally waterproof bag to your tank in absolute security.

The Five Best Ways To Add Storage To A Sportbike - Backpack

#2 Backpack

The go to solution. Throw your stuff inside and hit the road. Problem is, wearing weight on your back can get really uncomfortable. That’s why we wear Kriega bags, which transfer the weight off your shoulders, improving comfort and leaving you with freedom to move around.

The Five Best Ways To Add Storage To A Sportbike - Tailpack

#3 Tailpack

Strap a soft luggage bag (or several) to your back seat and you suddenly have a flexible, secure storage solution. This is how I carry a lock and chain on my bikes or haul big loads for road trips. Your bike is made to carry weight on its passenger seat, so adding weight there is no big deal. Again, Kreiga is our go to. A Kriega US-10 will fit your day-to-day tools, a US-20 will take a laptop or a weekend’s worth of clothes and either a US-30 or two 10s, strapped to a 20, will take you further.

The Five Best Ways To Add Storage To A Sportbike - Top box
Top box

#4 Topbox

Depending on which bike you ride, you might find a mounting kit that can attach a topbox to your sportbike easily. They typically require pillion grab rails or a big subframe though, so if you’re on a current generation sportbike, you may be out of luck, unless you’re prepared to make some more permanent modifications. Go on eBay and buy a spare pillion seat, get out your electric drill and bolt that top box right onto it. If that seat has a lot of padding, a sandwich of a 20 gauge steel sheet on top and underneath may add some strength. With bolt heads inside the locked box, that’ll give you a secure, removable place to keep stuff, if not a pretty one.

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#5 Bungee Cords

When I ride to the airport, I throw my Maxpedition Fliegerduffel on the back seat with bungee cords. They’re an easy, cheap, versatile way to carry virtually anything on any bike. Just make sure you strap the cords to a secure part of your bike and get them tight.

What are your go-to carry solutions?

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