Four Reasons I Don't Split Lanes…Usually


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3. It's Scary

Lane-splitting is scary business — anyone who tells you different is lying.

Hey, scary can be fun. Danger is exciting. It's fun to get scared on a rollercoaster, or at one of those haunted houses around Halloween. Scary is fun when you know deep down there's no way you're going to get hurt. Scary is fun when you're tempting the forces of nature, or the boundaries of your own skill, and you're confident you've done all you can to protect yourself through equipment, practice, and gear.

Scary is not fun when my very livelihood depends on the whimsical, distracted attention spans of a thousand other drivers who are piloting bigger, harder, heavier machines than mine, and are already pissed because I'm making WAY better time than they are — and 47 percent of them think I'm a no-good scofflaw.

4. It's Not Fun

When I was just starting out, a very wise man once told me "motorcycling is supposed to be fun." And I take that to heart to this day. If it is not going to be a pleasant, enjoyable experience, I'd just as soon take the car.

So kudos to you guys who insist that riding in the rain is a fun or a somehow necessary experience; I've done it plenty, and there is absolutely nothing fun about it. In fact, I think it blows. So next time, I'll wave to you from the plush comfort of my dry, warm automobile as I motor by. You'd like to wave back, I know, but you won't; your body is too cramped from shivering. It's okay, I understand, I've been there.

My point is this: lane-splitting is the bad kind of scary, and therefore it is not fun. And if it ain't fun, I ain't doin' it.

Unless I'm stuck in traffic, of course.


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