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The Roadcrafter Light will also break in more quickly and easily than the regular version. The Cordura feels much lighter and softer than on the heavier version, and feels much easier to move in. Roadcrafter suits, like nice leather jackets, take time to break in so this process is expected but it’s nice that I won’t have to work as hard with the Roadcrafter Light suit.

Since the Roadcrafter Light comes without a liner the pads are velcroed into place, allowing you to adjust them as need be. This makes moving the knee or elbow pads a cinch which improves the overall ability to customize the suit to any body type more specifically.

Aerostich Roadcrafter Light One Piece Suit
Aerostich Roadcrafter Light One Piece Suit

The Bad

While we like that we can customize the pad position, we do worry that we’ll knock the pads out of place while putting the suit on since they’re exposed. It has yet to happen, but I’m sure it will happen on the day that I get the pads placed perfectly.

Aerostitch is able to customize the arm and leg length, and the accuracy which with they do so is honestly incredible. They understand how adding length above the elbow will affect the fit as opposed to below the elbow, and that attention to detail shows in how close they’re able to get to your actual body measurements. However, for a product we plan on owning for many years to come, and one that’s this expensive ($767.00), we’d like to see more options for customization. For instance, if you wear a size 40 but need more room between the crotch and shoulder, you have to order a 42 as they’re unable to elongate the torso. We’d also like if they could tailor the width of the limbs of the suit. Overall, we may be being a little nit-picky as they’re able to get incredibly close to the perfect fit with the current options for customization.

Aerostich Roadcrafter Light One Piece Suit
Aerostich Roadcrafter Light One Piece Suit (rolled)

The Verdict

The HT200 Denier Nylon GORE-TEX® fabric is absolutely fantastic and leaves us wondering why more brands aren’t using it. With such easy on and easy off, this high-quality suit is perfect for those living in warmer climates or during the spring and summer months when the temperatures are warm. This suit is safe, keeps the clothes you are wearing underneath in good shape and performs as you'd expect any Aerostich product to — exceptionally well.

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