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You’ve seen the ads for the glasses on TV for the last decade, so you know how this is supposed to work. Enter bright sunlight and they automatically darken. Once it’s dark out, they quickly go clear again. Like Transitions Lenses, the Bell Transitions visor is supposed to be the ultimate one-visor solution to every riding condition. Is it? And, more importantly, is it worth $120? We sent one to a reader to have it put through its paces.

Stephen Mears lives on Honolulu, where he transports himself via Buell 1125R.

“I wore the visor for a good two weeks of commuting and extra-curricular riding and am resolved to never take the thing off of my helmet,” Stephen tells us.

“Transition from from zero tint to full dark takes approximately 30 seconds,” which Stephen illustrates in this video.

“Rarely was the visor ever without some tint. It responds to over-cast conditions with a light tint, likewise while in canopied forest with frequent light/dark changes.”

Here’s Bell’s official video take on the visor. Currently the Transitions visor is only compatible with the Bell Star and Vortex helmets.

“Fully lit, eye scorchingly bright tropical sunlight doesn't draw a deep tint out of the visor though, as it doesn't achieve solid black tint at max, but it gets dark enough to satisfy my post-PRK light sensitivity. No fogging issues either.”

We asked Stephen if the visor responded to headlights or streetlamps at night. “At night there is no reaction to anything just like a normal clear visor. I'm pretty sure that only UV triggers the gradient change.”

“Overall, a good product that works pretty much like I'd want it to,” concludes Stephen. ““In fact, I want one of these for my other helmets...if it didn't cost quite as much.”


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