Gear of the Day: Leatherman Crunch


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Tools for the Road: Leatherman Crunch
Locking pliers aren’t always graceful or precise, but if you didn’t pack a tool roll and have to remove bolts or find a solution for the shift lever you broke, a locking plier can get you out of a bind. Or at the very least give you something to shift gears with to get you home. Leatherman Crunch features locking pliers that spread wide enough to clamp 1" pipe.

Yes, it's obviously not only a locking plier but can perform a few extra jobs as well. The Leatherman Crunch includes a serrated knife, file, Phillips screwdriver, 3 slotted screwdrivers, the always essential bottle opener, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, ruler, lanyard attachment, wire stripper, and hex bit driver. All interior blades lock for optimal safety and power. The Crunch even comes with Leatherman's 25-year limited warranty.

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