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The Fulmer ADV helmet is a bare-bones, low-cost, dual-sport helmet. It's not as nice as, say, an AGV AX-8 Dual, but it's ECE 22.05 rated and retails for less than $150. It's also got a removable peak, comfortable liner and a level of quality you'd expect to find on much more expensive helmets.

Starting with the outside, fit and finish are better than you would expect. Paint quality looks great until about 5" away when you can start to make out the pixelated shading on the silk-screen applied tribal graphics. The vents are sturdy and the open/close mechanism of the chin vent feels like one of the strongest around. The peak is attached with three steel bolts that clamp down on machined aluminum washers. Two of those are also holding the shield in place. This long and pointy helmet has a longer than average chin bar and a weight of 1625g with the peak and shield installed.

The rear vent is part Audi grill, part Cylon warrior. Whether you're a fan of its looks or not, it doesn't actually do much venting as it's completely blocked by foam. Chin bar vents are the same story. The two top vents actually deliver some cool air to your head though. You'll never be able to tell if the chin vent is open or closed with all the wind that makes it through the gap between your face and the chin bar.

Put it on and you'll appreciate the simple plush liner. Head shape is on the round side. Side-to-side visibility is excellent and up-and-down is about average. The combination of peak and mirrored shield block out the sun exceptionally well and, with the peak removed, you don't strain your neck and eyes trying to keep your head down. With it on, highway-speed winds can be a bit much.

The shield itself is a unique shape. Front and center is a lip for opening and closing. Easily operated with gloved hands and by the wind, it opens up as if by magic each time you turn do a head check. The odd shape makes for interesting optics. When the sun is low in the sky, you'll get some neat halos and at night you can see your own reflection. If any of that is a deal breaker, you can always just yank the shield and wear goggles.

At freeway speed, wind noise is remarkably high. Chalk that up to the lack of any sort of chin curtain or neck roll. Ear plugs are absolutely necessary. A Quiet Rider would likely help out a lot here.

Our size medium ran a little bit big, but that shouldn't be an issue for anyone else as you can "only buy Fulmer Helmets directly from an authorized dealer. No mail order sales. No Internet sales. No discount stores." Fulmer's MSRP for the ADV is $150, though you'll also have to go to a store if you want a real price.

The thinking behind the store-only policy is that Fulmer takes helmet fit very seriously. They want you to be wearing a helmet that fits you and know that to achieve that, you need to try that helmet and a bunch of others on.

Despite its those faults, this is a sub-$200 helmet that gets the job done and is made to the light, safe, trustworthy ECE 22.05 rating. If you're looking for an affordable dual-sport helmet, there's really no way to beat the Fulmer ADV.


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