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I can’t help thinking that much of the cost must come from the Variant’s extravagant packaging; the box comes with two user manuals, clear and smoked shields, a shield cleaning kit (spray bottle + micro fiber cloth), chin curtain, helmet bag, poster, dedicated keychain screwdriver for swapping the shields, and a sticker. I guess all that stuff combines with the extra cardboard and bubble wrap to prevent jostling. But it’s a huge, cumbersome package.

The Variant meets all world safety and testing standards, meaning it meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), SAI AS1698 (Australia), and SG (Japan). It comes in sizes from XS-3XL, and is also available in Covert Green or Dark Earth.

Icon Variant Construct

The Good
Great looks - tons of industrial curb appeal.

Superb field of vision.

Quality, appearance, and attention to detail of a more expensive helmet.

The Bad
Ultra-tight; narrow at the bottom, hard to doff/don.

Visor catches a lot of wind at speed; keep your head down when head-checking.

Changing the shield quickly takes practice, and the screws appear easy to break and/or lose.

Noisy at freeway speeds.

Does not enjoy cross-winds.

Icon Variant Construct

The Verdict
The Variant is a fine hybrid helmet that provides comfort and protection both on the pavement and off. Because you never know what the day may bring, it’s a single option that serves multiple needs. And did I mention it looks hardcore?

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