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Rev’It Lombard Jeans
Rev’It Lombard Jeans

The Good

They look good. Even this OCD aesthete is totally happy with their design.

They fit well. As in they look like something a stylish young man in 2014 would wear normally, regardless of their on-bike functionality.

They’re flexible and comfortable from the first wear, stretching and moving with your body to facilitate freedom of movement.

While they’re never going to be as safe as a proper pair of leather or textile riding pants, they should do a pretty decent job of adding protection at city speeds.

They fit true-to-size in both inseam and waist measurements.

Rev’It Lombard Jeans
Rev’It Lombard Jeans

The Bad

This 30x32 size — the closest they had in the press department — is a little too short for me. I typically wear a 34-inch inseam. Hence the lack of shots of me wearing them; they make me look like Steve Urkel.

At a price of $270, the Lombards carry quite a premium over regular denim.

The knees are cut to work and look good without armor, so adding it adds bulk in that area and does make them fit very tightly through the knees while in a sport riding position. I actually prefer this arrangement as I don’t want jeans to sacrifice style, but it’s something to keep in mind. Presumably, the hip armor would do the same.

Some…larger gentlemen have complained of a tight fit in large sizes.

Rev’It Lombard Jeans
Rev’It Lombard Jeans

The Verdict

The Lombards are the real deal. Significant all-over protection, real on-bike comfort and solid armor options combined with genuinely credible looks. These are the jeans you and I have been waiting for. Take care choosing the correct size and order these with confidence.

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