How To: Get More Power Without Touching Your Engine


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Throttle Response

Throttle-By-Wire bikes often have multiple position switches that allow for harder hitting power or slower power deliver for low traction conditions. Some throttle-by-wire bikes require changing under seat switches, others can be switched mid-ride with the maps selected displayed on the speedo.

Renthal 315U-530-16

Traditional cable actuated throttle bikes can adjust their power character by changing throttle cams. The throttle cam is the pulley the throttle cable is attached to. The shape and diameter of the throttle cam determines how the engine will respond. G2 Ergonomics makes this trick billet throttle tube with a variety of different cams that can be installed.


JT Sprockets Steel Sprocket

Renthal Ultralight Chainwheel Sprocket

G2 Ergonomics tamer Throttle Tube

How else can a rider change their bikes’ power character without altering the engine, intake or exhaust system?

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