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Always wanted the comfort, unrivaled vision and, well, exposed faceness of an open-face helmet, but wanted the instantaneous option of full-face safety? Thanks to the Givi XPLUS you know have it. The helmet maker claims that the big difference between this and a regular flip-up like, say, a Schuberth C3 is that, even with the visor down, you have unimpaired peripheral vision. Compared to a Roof Boxer V8, the chin piece is actually structural and capable of connecting to the helmet's chassis in such a way that it contributes to safety.


The XPLUS attempts to offer similar all-weather flexibility to the Givi X.01, with swappable vents for winter or summer use. Essentially the
vent covers can be removed to ensure they're fully open at all times
when it's really hot. Also present is a flip-down tinted sun visor.

We really like the jet fighter-like look of the XPLUS, which, combined
with the flexibility, makes this a really appealing package for
round-town riding. The helmet is EC certified as a full-face, which
should mean your pretty face'll be safe when the visor is down. Want
one? They're not out yet, but Urban Rider can hook you up when they

Urban Rider

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