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Best known for his controversial artwork for David Bowie's Diamond Dogs -- it depicted Bowie as a half-man/half-dog/all-sexy hybrid -- Guy Peellaert first rose to prominence through his illustrated comics. Our favorite of those is Pravda la Survireuse, modeling its main character after proto-woman Fran├žoise Hardy, it depicts the post-apocalyptic adventures of a motorcycle-mounted anti-heroine. In 2001 Peellaert realized this vision into a video, it follows the jump.

Peellaerts work has gone on to inspire countless misanthropic pubescents, most notable the creators of Heavy Metal. Last month,
Peellaert sadly passed away.

If you find the sexual empowerment of women or using motorcycles as
phallic metaphors offensive, we offer this picture of Sarah Palin winking to calm you down. Stare at it for at least five minutes. There, all better.

World of Kane via The New Cafe Racer Society

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