Happening: 2011 Orange County Traffic Officers Association Motor Rodeo


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Nothing is more scary to Southern California bikers than rain, except for a downpour with high winds and temperatures below 65, which is the known end of everything wholesome in the universe. Unless, of course, those bikers are fearless bike cops competing head to head on Huntington Beach in the 2011 OCTOA Motor Rodeo. First rider to drop a foot, knock a cone or miss the on-the-fly route loses and the winner moves to the next round. Perfectly trimmed mustaches? Check. Guns and batons? Double check. Buzz cuts? By the dozen. Incredible low-speed skills? Without a doubt. Blasting the Village People's YMCA for the champion? Damn right. Click below for the feature.

Happening: 2011 OCTOA Motor Rodeo

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