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If something is matte black, then it is cool. If something is made by Harley, then it is lame. The Iron 883 is both matte black and a Harley, therefore it is both cool and lame. Assuming that "cool" and "lame" are irreconcilable opposites, the Iron 883 is a logical paradox; it's something that should, by all rights, not exist.

To create this paradox, Harley took its range-starting 883 Sportster
and blacked out just about all of the components: the engine, engine
covers, wheels, forks, tank, fenders etc. It also fitted a solo seat,
front fork gaiters, drag bars and a side-mount plate holder.

The Iron 883 joins Harley's "Dark Custom" range, which is intended to
appeal to a young audience by simplifying the company's oft
over-accessorized products. Other bikes in the range include the
horribly named Harley Crossbones and Nightster. The Iron 883 will be the cheapest
member of the range, retailing for just $7,899.

Our favorite part of the Iron 883 and the other Dark Customs is the
denim paint. To create it, Harley basically leaves off the clear coat,
resulting in a finish that will break in, wearing in places that the
rider rubs it, just like a pair of jeans.


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