Hell on Wheels - Vintage Motocross


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Never intimidating, we were surprised as to how welcoming the crowd was, even though most of the riders already knew each other. While there was at least one former factory racers in the crowd, most riders were novices, looking to have fun. Everyone was approachable and friendly as we all shared the common interested in riding vintage bikes. “You'll get ratted on your class and there are trophies and sh**, but I don't care I'm here to have fun,” said Connett.

Next year we will definitely be riding instead of just watching, maybe even going as far as getting some custom vintage RideApart leathers. We’ll have to find or build a bike though, it’ll give us something to dream about though and dreaming about the dirt and racing is a pretty swell way to pass the time.


Want to join us next year? Visit HellOnWheelsMC.com for upcoming dates and see how you can attend. This event costs $10 to enter and only $40 to race. To add to the joy, a lot of attendees also camped in the pit area the night before.

Tell us, have you ever attended a race like this before? If it were in your area would you go? Comment below or shoot us an email at info@rideapart.com

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