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Do not adjust your TV set. What you’re looking at is not an optical illusion. That is a motorcycle helmet and it is wearing graphics, but nowhere to be seen are tribal ghost flame skulls, fruity stars or fake mud splashes. To achieve this feat of good taste, Bell has employed a trick known as “graphic design” to create a simple, but striking effect using simple, contrasting colors.

This particular design is known as “Emblem” and employs the typically wrong trick of splashing the company’s logo is 3-foot high letters across the side. In this case, Bell’s logo is simple enough that it doesn’t seem to diminish the look. The lines emphasize the RS-1’s contours, making it appear more angular and purposeful than the mid-price helmet does in plain colors.

“Emblem” also appears on the company’s flagship dirt helmet, the Moto-9.

Don’t worry flatbillers, brahs and the kind of people you see pairing speedhump-equipped jackets with mom jeans, Bell hasn’t forgotten about you either. The new “Cataclysm” and “Gearhead” schemes remain shockingly awful. Pair one with your tribal ghost skull flame R1 if you ever find yourself in need of looking like a special needs kid while riding a motorcycle.

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