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Marking the 40th anniversary of his historic trip with Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger visited China this weekend. The former secretary of state’s visits to the country have been marked by interesting vehicles. Tricky Dick and he flew aboard a a Chinese airliner on that first visit, the only time a US president has flown on a foreign plane. This weekend, he was escorted by a fleet of 30 Aprilia Mana GTs.

The occasion marked the debut of Chongqing’s new fleet of police bikes. Used to provide close-quarters ceremony and to stop traffic, it seems like the CVT-equipped Mana makes a much better police vehicle than the gargantuan Harleys and BMW touring bikes more typically used in the Western Hemisphere.

The 88-year old Kissinger’s visit was largely ceremonial and centered around dinners and speeches. During one, he recalled, “Mao once joked with me, ‘If you want a Chinese woman, I can give you five million of them.’”

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