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When our friend Keino turned us on to HIDEMO style, we weren't mentally prepared for the so much awesomeness that is their latest offering, Glory. Starting from a stock 2005 Buell XB9S Lightning, which we think is already a cool bike, the finished result is the stuff of childhood fantasy mixed with huge heapings of manga. Virtually every single part from the donor bike, with the exception of the powertrain, was either thrown out or heavily modified, all the way down to the ingenious oil radiator/ license plate holder. As usual, all the coolest stuff comes from Japan.

What really gets us wild about this bike though is its playful whimsicality. Though these guys are serious about details to the point of clearly suffering from some type of OCD, the organic qualities throughout the machine lend themselves to a light surreal cartoonishness. And not in a cheesy Dali-esque melting clocks kind of way. The deftness on display of HIDEMO's craftsmanship leaves us with a machine that is a labyrinth of fluid forms, hidden compartments and sleight of hand.

When you've finished putting your eyes back in your skull, check out their step-by-step documentation of the project, which is nothing short of a master-class. Their server is a little slow, so you might be neglecting work long enough to get kicked off the office's Christmas party list. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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