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When my girlfriend was showing me these boots earlier I flippantly asked, "$700?" As it turns out, they're downright affordable. Like the Chevrolet Aveo and Fender guitars, Gasolina boots are made in Mexico, where labor is, apparently, cheap. By Gasolina's own admission, their boots are "made completely by hand, and each pair is very time consuming to make." Both their Classic Boots and Dress Boots retail for $189. The vintage styled Spats, only $119.

Gasolina credits Grand Prix motorcycle racers such as Mike Hailwood, John Surtees, Jeff Duke, and Giacomo Agostini for the design of their Classic Boots, black leather constructed with a heavy back zipper, non-CE approved double layer leather for ankle protection and shift pads, and welted rubber soles.

The Dress Boots are brown leather with two buckles and laces and welted rubber soles.

Their Gasolina Spats steal the show for me: they can be worn over boots, or any shoes with a heal, and are perfect when you'd like "extra leather between you and the elements."

There is a catch, however. Some common sizes are on back-order because the cobblers (yes, cobblers) in Guanajuato are busy replenishing the supply.


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