CB1100-fogey.jpgWhat looks to be an internal Honda marketing video for the CB1100 has naturally made its way to the Internets, and hilarity ensues with quotes from project leader Hirofumi Fukunaga like, "Hey Rider, you are in the leading role, so enjoy yourself" and "People around see you and think 'Wow that's cool.'" Childish giggling aside, Honda has now made it perfectly clear who they don't care about this rather classy bike appealing to-- anyone under the spritely age of 48.

In fact, Fukunaga explicity states Honda "wanted this bike to appeal to

the late 40 and 50 year olds, who used to ride when they were younger."



schpeal meaning a cruiser for males who haven't ridden

in decades, are out of shape, growing grey soul patches to make up for their growing bald patches, hate their jobs, possibly their wives and brats as well and


to feel exactly like the youthful demographic the bike

industry can't seem to be bothered with. Not that that will stop the



financially flush

bikers from snapping these retro cruisers up if the CB1100 makes it stateside.

Looking on the brighter side, we're at least thankful Honda didn't put a giant air-cooled


in the CB1100 to go along with that tired business plan of marketing to and relying on a generation whose credit liquidity has recently evaporated. At least someone at Honda Japan finally remembered that motorcycling is


, and maybe that's good enough for now. Baby steps, folks. Baby steps.

Thanks for the tip, Jason.

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