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Honda has just announced that it will build a production model based on the V4 Concept. Sales will start "in the first half of 2010." Underneath the crazy hubless wheels and bizarre headlight, the V4 Concept is a powerful superbike more focused on rider comfort and on-road ability than racetrack success. Hopefully, the 2010 Honda V4 will shed some of the current VFR's boring practicality, gaining speed and involvement in the process.

Honda stated:

"The exciting news of the V4 production model is the result of overwhelming response from customers, media and motorcycle dealers across Europe following the debut of the V4 Concept Model at last month's Intermot show, where the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer chose 'New Beginnings' as its theme to celebrate Honda's 60th anniversary as a company, 50th anniversary of racing and 30th anniversary of the Honda's iconic V4 engine configuration.

"Building on this theme at this week's Milan Show, Honda highlighted the next stage of the V4 story and looked forward to the next 60 years of motorcycle production, with V4 technology forming a part of the marque's future direction in the coming few years, starting in just 18 months time with the introduction of the first V4 mass-production model in the first half of 2010."

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