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Honda Thailand’s stated goal is to become “the number one most admired company that is at the forefront of the environmental issue.” And with a 110cc, fuel-injected four-stroke capable of both 100mph and 134mpg, we believe that they’re capable of doing so, even outside Southeast Asia. Maybe with a better slogan.

The CZ-i 110 shows what Honda’s PGM-FI (programmed fuel injection)
technology is capable of when applied to small, four-stroke engines.
Namely: improved fuel economy, lower emissions and high performance
than its carbureted counterparts. Compared to the 100cc model it
replaces, the new CZ-i returns 18 percent better fuel economy while
achieving 25 percent higher torque, all while ensuring cleaner combustion,
capable of fully halving the incredibly harsh upcoming Euro 6 emissions

To westerners accustomed to higher-cost, higher-performance machines,
the addition of fuel injection may not sound like a huge technological
leap forward, but to the world’s largest motorcycle market, Thailand,
it represents a sea change in thinking. With about 1.65 million bikes
sold there a year, nearly all basic scoots like the CZ-i, an 18 percent
reduction in fuel economy across the market would represent a huge
reduction in energy use and pollution. While we don’t think that Honda
has any intention to bring the CZ-i stateside, nor do we believe there
would be a market for it, it’s bikes like this and the
trickle-down of technology they bring, which will ultimately have a real effect
on global carbon emissions.

Honda Thailand via Gizmag

Thanks for the tip, Ted.

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