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Along with confirming production of the 2010 Honda V4, the company announced that it is developing a dual clutch transmission for use in its motorcycles. Currently called the Next Generation Transmission, it supposedly delivers faster, smoother, more efficient shifts that create less of a disruption in the power delivery. To your layperson's eyes, this looks identical to Audi's DSG transmission, widely considered the best automated manual in the world.>

While we typically prefer shifting gears ourselves, both Grant and I
have spent a good deal of time with the DSG transmission in the Audi
R8. We find it unobtrusive, fast and intuitive to use.

Honda hasn't said which models the transmission will be used on, nor
when it will enter production. An educated guess would place it in that
2010 V4 model; not just because the two announcements share a press
release, but because that bike is likely to be a high-specification
motorcycle that places an emphasis on new technology enabling peerless
on-road performance rather than simply following parameters laid down
by international race classes.

Honda's presentation describing the transmission is in the gallery.
Check it out and see if you can learn anything more from it than we


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