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As we predicted in July, the Honda DN-01 CVT-equipped motorcycle will be sold in the United States starting next year. A futuristic take on a power cruiser, the DN-01 is powered by a 60bhp, 47lb/ft 680cc v-twin, but it's the transmission that grabs the headlines. Dubbed the Human Friendly Transmission (HFT) by Honda, it features two modes of automatic operation and a push button manual shift mode. 


The DN-01 marks a paradigm shift for the cruiser market, offering a machine that looks forward rather than back for styling and mechanical inspiration. It hopes to used both to attract new riders that like the idea of shifting themselves, but are intimidated by the prospect of being required to do so at all times.

With a low seat height; comfortable ergonomics; a powerful but unintimidating engine; practical on-bike storage and futuristic real-bike looks, the DN-01 offers the practicality of a maxiscooter with a unique level of desirability. We like its styling and hope it's just what's needed to convince even more car drivers to switch to two wheels.

The DN-01 will be priced at $14,599 and will be available in black or dark red.



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