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These images, from a patent application filed by American Honda, reveal the Honda Fury factory chopper in all its played-out glory. Only coming half a decade or more after the chopper trend was in full swing, it's expected that the Fury will be officially unveiled at the New York round of the International Motorcycle Show on January 16th.

Update: Thanks to the VTXOA we've found the Fury's complete patent filing, check it out in the gallery above. It looks like the Fury is getting a front-mounted radiator tucked neatly between the frame rails and not an underseat unit as we initially believed. Remember, you can click the images for larger versions.

While these shots are light on technical detail -- we're expecting a
hidden, underseat radiator -- they do show off the derivative design.
Check out the huge gap in the frame above the fuel-injected 1300cc-ish
v-twin, the heavily raked forks and the tiny fuel tank. We expect the rest
of the Fury to be completely conventional, using a 5-speed gearbox and
shaft drive.

We can't help but be pretty disappointed by the Fury. Not only is it
extremely late to the Chopper party, but it's just so damned
conventional, not even trying to do anything new. Anything at all new.
Word on the street is, American Honda has a fancy new marketing
campaign to go with the bike that'll use equally dated buzzwords like
"viral" and "social media." It looks like the Fury is going to
desperately need it.

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