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Honda is taking a leaf straight out of JJ Abrams' playbook with a series of cryptic, menacing viral promotional videos for the upcoming Honda Fury. Featuring children seemingly possessed by some sort of demon that manifests itself in lame tattoos and shot in an overly shaky, handheld style, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Fury was some sort of B horror film. It's not, it's a sadly conventional factory chopper.

I mean, we get what Honda's going for here -- the looming entry of some
sort of menacing force -- but you've got to back up this kind of hype
with a product that meets expectations. With words like "power,"
"unstoppable force," and "consume" being used on the microsite, we'd
really expect something fast, powerful, innovative and intimidating.
From what we can tell from the patents, the Fury just isn't that
product. Maybe something more akin to the 197bhp Yamaha VMax would have
better lived up to expectations.

We'll be bringing you live shots of the Fury from its official unveiling in New York next Friday.

Honda via Hojnyheter

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