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The 2009 Honda Goldwing is now available with an optional navigation system that keeps track of traffic hotspots and bad weather in real time, routing riders around either if necessary. The XM NavTraffic system is the same that's offered on several aftermarket navigation units and on several cars. Only available packaged with a tire pressure monitoring system, the premium audio system and comfort package, it'll cost you $2300 more than the standard Goldwing's $20,999. The system is standard on the ABS and airbag equipped model that retails for $24,399.


While we can appreciate the NavTraffic systems functionality and
usefulness, we can't help but feel that it seeks to reduce one of the
fundamental appeals of riding a motorcycle; that of being connected
with your environment, being at the mercy of fate, getting lost and
encountering the unexpected. With a bike's ability to bust traffic,
we've never found jams to be much of an issue anyways.

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