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You know you’re a bike nerd when you excitedly text friends when a new bike comes out. Let’s just say that news of the DN-01’s eminent production proved that we’re not as cool as we like to think. The DN-01 will be Honda's first automatic motorcycle, featuring a system that hydraulically selects manual gears. So it’s more like Ferrari’s F1 transmission than a traditional automatic or CVT. Riders will be able to choose one of three transmission modes, automatic, sport and manual. We assume sport holds onto gears longer. The manual mode will enable riders to move through the six gears, just like with a normal bike.

The DN-01 has been around as a concept bike since the Tokyo show in 2005, and the production model draws heavily on the concept’s design. Essentially a performance cruiser, we’re hoping this bike marks the beginning of a new era in cruiser design, finally moving the class away from boring old Harley replicas. Bizarrely, the DN-01 won’t be sold in America. Honda is saving it for Europe and Japan only.


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