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An industry source has revealed to us that America Honda is investigating the potential consumer appeal of the DN-01. The machine was tucked away in a special lounge area within the company’s display at last weekend’s Laguna Seca MotoGP. There, Honda surveyed potential customers, carefully noting their thoughts and comments.


The Honda DN-01 combines the user friendliness of a scooter with the
image of a performance cruiser and totally original, futuristic looks.
Its unique selling point is the Human Friendly Transmission, a CVT
programmed to work like a six-speed manual or a full automatic.

The DN-01 could offer enormous appeal to current car drivers looking to
make the switch to motorcycles, but waiting for the right machine to
come along to prompt them to do so. By offering them things they’re
used to (automatic transmissions and storage space) combined with an
image that adapts traditional outsider opinion of what a motorcycle
should look like into a package that doesn’t scream “I have back hair,”
the DN-01 could be the right bike for a lot of new riders. Combine all
that with its sensible engine capacity and incredibly low seat height
and you have an upmarket product that’s appealing and accessible in
ways never before possible on two wheels. Do it Honda.

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