Ask RideApart: How Do I Start Riding a Motorcycle


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You ask, we answer, it’s Ask Rideapart. This week: How do I start riding a motorcycle and what will it cost?

This one comes from Sam in Los Angeles, who asks: "I live in LA and drive a Corolla. I see my friends get around much quicker and much easier than I do and I want some of that for myself. How do I start riding? Also, I'm going to law school, I'm on a budget. How much is it going to cost? I've never seen a full, step-by-step breakdown. Just make it easy for me. What bike should I buy, from who? What do I need to buy to ride it? How do I get my license? Thanks!"

Can you guys help him out? Where and how can Sam get started in becoming a rider like us? How much do you think he needs to budget?

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