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Yesterday, Adey was sitting on my couch and was all, "Yo, how do I log into your new comments?" That made me realize it might not be as simple and intuitive as I thought. Or that Adey is dumber than I thought. Possibly both. Regardless, here's how you comment on RideApart.

The big change is that we're now using Disqus, a networked commenting service used by over 750,000 websites. Other sites that use it include BikeEXIF, Cycle World and Because it's a popular social platform like Facebook or Twitter, some work firewalls will block it. Honestly, if your work is the kinda place that blocks things, then that it lets you read about motorcycles all day is kinda surprising.

We chose Disqus to make your lives easier. If you're a prolific participator in online communities, then you're probably already familiar with it. Disqus also integrates seamlessly with your social network of choice, allowing you to log in with your existing Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. In case you're the kind of person that would get fired if your boss saw your comments on HFL, you can also create a bespoke ID of your choice. "HotChick69" is already taken, don't ask me how I know.

Scroll to the bottom of any article and you'll see this blank comment box:

Click anywhere in it and you'll then see the login options:

Follow the instructions and whatnot (we promise they're simple) and then you'll be logged in and able to comment. It'll automatically attach your Facebook or Twitter or Google+ profile pic, but you can change that in your settings too. It's all there at the bottom of any article.

Just like on Facebook or Twitter, you can "@" reply to someone to tag them, an alert will then pop up for them next time they log in, telling them you've been talking about them:

You can add pictures to comments now too. They'll appear as little thumbnails after you've uploaded them. Just click the little picture icon in the bottom left of the comment field to do this.

If you see pics in a comment, just click them to enlarge.

There's other functions like up and down voting specific comments (so JonB doesn't need to type out "+1" anymore) and a few other things. I'm assuming you can figure it all out from here.

Want to add a link? Just drop the URL into a comment and it'll be clickable when that comment goes live.

What can you do to be a valuable member of this community? It doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself, crack jokes or make fun of me or anyone else. It does mean that we expect you to contribute something of substance, something intelligent and, well, just contribute. We'll remove comments that are personally abusive to anyone, comments that are annoying or comments that just plain piss us off. Speak to others on the Internet just like you'd speak to them in person.

We don't mind swearing, when it's appropriate, but there's a few checks in place that move comments with swear words or a bunch of links or similar variables into a moderation queue, where they wait for our approval before going live. We try to get to these quickly, but do sleep at night and ride bikes during the day and fly on planes and stuff, so don't get all "Where'd my comment go?! Rabble, rabble, rabble" if it doesn't appear right away. We know it's incredibly important to the world that you call someone "a hipster" and will get it approved in due time.

So that's it. Simple enough that even Adey figured it out without too much help, hopefully more useful and rich for all you guys and open to everyone. Have fun, hipsters.

Want to try it out? Ask me literally any question about absolutely anything below and I'll answer it to the best of my ability.

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