How To Pose Next To A Motorcycle


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The Don’ts

A picture of you wearing your non-safety safety gear makes you look stupid, not tough.

Just because you can’t keep yourself from making cruiser face while riding doesn’t mean you can’t keep yourself from making it while posing.

The whole “gazing off into the distance” thing doesn’t make you look as pensive or interesting as you think. If you really want to take a shot of the bike and it’s surroundings, we don’t need to see your back.

Congrats, you can do a burnout. We’re all really, really impressed.

Don’t pose as if you are riding if you aren’t. We can see you are not actually moving.

Don’t pretend you’re working on or moving your bike just so you don’t have to feel awkward while standing next to it. We can tell it’s a set-up and that awkwardness is the price you should have to pay.

What is the all-time worst "bike pose" photo you've ever seen? Tell us in the comments below.

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