How To Remove The Seat On A Honda CB1100


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Combined with the helmet lock, the seat lock on this retro roadster is hidden, leading to some confusion. Here's how you remove the seat on a Honda CB1100.

Don't underestimate the trickiness of this combination. Before writing the 2013 Honda CB1100 ABS review, I pored over the bike for at least half an hour in a vain attempt to remove the seat and find a tool kit. It wasn't until I'd published the review that reader Cameron Evans pointed out the two locks were combined and I figured out how to get that seat off. So, for anyone else that's confused, here's an easy guide to removing the CB1100's seat.

Step One: Locate the helmet lock. It's on the left side, under the rider's butt.

Step Two: Turn the key and release the mechanism. Turn the key so the helmet lock releases, then grasp the tiny black lever behind the metal clasp, while the key is turned, and pull it down. You'll hear an audible click as the seat lock releases and the rear of the seat may pop up.

Step Three: Pull the seat up and towards the rear. And voila, it's off.

Under the seat, you'll find the fuses, the fluid reservoir for the rear brake and a tool kit which includes a fuse puller, allen key and phillips head screwdriver.

That allen key is sized to fit the sliver plastic side covers, allowing you to access the battery. There's also a small storage area, appropriate for holding your own, much more useful tool kit, documents, a tire repair kit, disc lock and other necessities.

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