How to sell a Harley-Davidson


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So you’re a salesmen tasked with selling someone a product they don’t need, that they can’t afford, that isn’t competitive with rivals, that isn’t new and won’t make buyers stand out or demonstrate unique taste. How the hell do you do that? Don’t worry, the official Harley-Davidson test ride manual is here to help.

Photo: Killboy

The manual was captured from the enemy by a member of the Yamaha FZ1 Owner’s Association.

As you can see, a Harley-Davidson test ride isn’t about demonstrating the objective merits of the product, it’s about immersing potential customers in the pirate lifestyle, assless leather chaps strongly encouraged.

This setup is pure genius. The potential for staged interactions with, say, a hot blonde, are literally limitless.

As you can see, not only is it important to limit the distance of the test ride to just a couple miles (although you still need to stop for water 4 miles in apparently) so the potential customer won’t be exposed to the long term limitations of the product, but it’s also crucial to structure the route around opportunities for posing.

So how do you sell a Harley-Davidson? Basically, you make the person taking the test ride feel like they have a huge penis. That’s pretty damn smart actually.

Thanks for the tip, Blake.

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