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This is the Zero S race bike Zero engineer Kenyon Kluge will be campaigning at the TTXGP this weekend. To create it he dropped the frame onto a GSX-R1000 front end, ditched the on-board charger and added a little more batter capacity. Bodywork is part GSX-R, part CBR1000RR. The stock Agni 95 motor is retained, meaning he's got 26 horsepower and 98lb/ft to play with. Hopefully, he's also upgraded the controller for a more enthusiastic throttle response and a higher top speed (stock is 67mph). Those power figures aren't terrible since the modifications probably don't add considerably to the stock bike's 277lbs weight. The Mavizen TTX02 that Werkstatt will be running uses two of these motors for twice the power and torque, has a 6kWh batter pack and weighs in at 353lbs.

We're on a  plane flying out to San Francisco to cover the TTXGP, so hit up PlugBike for more information. Discounted tickets to the Infineon race are available here.

Update: actually found time to watch the video and it looks like there's two motors on the bike in race trim.

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