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HSR-Benelli has finally released details on the Tornado-powered jet skis we told you about in November. The Series-R range is composed of four models; the Naked, Pro, Prestige and Race. The first two feature stock versions of Benelli’s 1098cc triple, complete with 148 and 172bhp, respectively. The Prestige and Race feature a 2196cc V6 made by combining two of those engines. In the Prestige it makes 278bhp, while the Race makes an eye-watering 342bhp. This should make the Race easily the fastest jet ski in the world.


In Benelli’s Tornado and TnT, the 1098cc triple is a torquey,
characterful, incredibly powerful engine, there’s no reason it
shouldn’t be the same in a marine application. The three-cylinder
models weigh about 260kg, the V6s are 328kg.

Currently the fastest, most powerful jet ski is the Kawasaki Ultra 250X, which makes 250bhp, weighs 415kg and is capable of hitting 68mph. HSR-Benelli haven't released performance figures for the Series-R yet, but we'll bring them to you as soon as they do.


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