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First there was the Moab concept, then the Baja and, now, the Baja again, this time in what appears to be production ready form. Where the first two on that list were all LEDs and edges bolted to a BMW G650GS frame and motor, this new Baja is realistic exhausts, round shapes and a real headlight...bolted to a G650GS frame and motor. Here's why that's a good thing.

In 1971, some guy named Steve took his shirt off and jumped an old Husqvarna onto the cover of Sports Illustrated. Today, it remains not only SI's most famous cover, but also probably the most famous non-prisoner of war image of that guy. That image also manages to capture all the freedom and style and speed an adventure that makes motorcycling great.

Cut to 2012 and motorcycles no longer make appearance on the front page of Sports Illustrated, no one outside of hardcore racing circles knows what a Husqvarna is and a bunch of kids tool around old shitty old motorcycles because modern bikes leave them cold.


Bolting a round headlight and some nice-looking bodywork to an G650GS could fix that for these reasons:

a) the littlest GS costs just $7,850. In BMW terms, that's basically free.

2) people in 'murika don't buy the cheapest GS because it tells no story...aside from being clearly inferior to the 800 and 1200.

iii) those mythical young folk think having adventures on bikes is rad, but don't think adventure bikes are rad.

D) Thanks to On Any Sunday and old photos they found in their dad's garage, all those damn kids could actually be made to care about the Husqvarna brand, if it had any sort of connection to its history.

5) the bike just looks fucking rad and I want to strap a sleeping bag and a tent to it and take it camping. Don't you?

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