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Don't you hate it when companies claim one of their bikes is "a completely new type of motorcycle?" That's what Husqvarna is saying about the SMQ, but we're guessing it just hasn't figured out how to pull up pictures of a KTM 690 Duke in Google. Having said that, the SMQ is an incredibly well designed motorcycle.

Start with the details: the weird protrusion above the headlamp is
actually the radiator; look at the way the red valve cover emphasizes
the join in the x-shaped tubular steel frame; the single bar that
supports the exhaust, number plate and indicators; the shock adjuster
knob that mirrors the dinky little tail lamp; the Husqvarna logo
incorporated into the exhaust end cap; it's all incredible.

Move on to the whole: the red, black and white color scheme is used
extremely well, the SMQ logo is neatly integrated; the white frame and
gold wheels accentuate the whole thing; the white undertail is
incredibly sexy; this thing Is just so cool.

Right now, this is a concept bike, which is a shame. But, the SMQ looks
very production ready and the company says it is considering building
it. Right now, the SMQ uses a 450cc single-cylinder engine borrowed
from its parent company BMW (the engine is actually produced for BMW in
Taiwan by Kymco), there's a larger, 630cc powerplant rumored should the
machine reach production. We're not sure if there'll be a separate
model for each engine, or if Husqvarna will need to choose one. We'll
take the 630.

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