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To create these new Husqvarna TR 650s, BMW tuned its budget G650GS motor for a little more power and housed it in a bespoke frame. The result should be a fun, affordable dual sport and supermoto.

The Husqvarna TR 650 Strada is, as the name suggests, the street version. That means cast wheels (19-inch front, 17 rear) and standard ABS. The Husqvarna TR 650 Terra gets spoked wheels and a 21-inch front. ABS is optional on that model.

Starting with the G650GS’s 652cc, liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor, BMW tweaked the fuel injection, altered the cam profile and upped compression by changing the profile of both the piston and and cylinder head. It’s fitted with two large silencers and a catalytic converter, but still produces 58bhp at 7,250rpm and 44lb/ft at 5,750rpm.

The frame looks somewhat similar to that employed on the G650GS, but is here a tubular split backbone design while the swingarm is pentagonal in section and made from steel. Suspension does not appear to be adjustable. Dry weight is 165kg/368lbs, add a pound or two for ABS.

Compared to the G650GS, the Husqvarnas make 10bhp more and weigh 10kg less (without ABS). The bikes are US-bound, but no price has yet been made public. The G650GS retails for $7,850 and the confusingly totally different, 800cc F650GS is $10,155, so expect the Husqvarna’s to fall in the middle.

Should you care? A good-looking, rugged, reliable, strong, versatile, affordable, fun bike sounds pretty good to us.

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