To celebrate the 21st anniversary of the original Hyde Harrier, Triumph performance specialist Norman Hyde, in conjunction with legendary frame builder Harris Performance, is releasing the Hyde Harrier Jubilee. Based around the Hinckley Bonneville's 865cc parallel twin, the best part about the Harrier Jubilee isn't how good the new bodywork looks, how strong the new frame is, nor how capable the Öhlins suspension, but that all of these parts are available to purchase right now.

"Remember that the Bonneville was the Fireblade of its day," says Hyde.
"By mixing the heart of today's Bonneville with up-to-date components,
we can create a modern representation of the bike's sporting nature
that many of us grew up with."

We grew up in the age of early GSX-Rs and race-replica two-strokes, not
Triumphs, so we appreciate the Harrier for its uniquely '80s take on
the café racer theme. At a time when Ducati's SportClassic range is
combining modern performance with more appealing 1960s looks than any
too-accurate-for-its-own good Triumph, the Harrier could point the way
for a factory looking to boost the performance appeal of its retro

Hyde has designed the Harrier as a £3,995 kit, including: frame,
swingarm, fuel tank, seat unit, upholstery, lights and other ancillary
parts. Customers can then pick and mix a variety of performance
upgrades like the handmade Harris exhaust, Öhlins suspension AP
Lockheed radial brakes and Keihin carbs; all of which are pictured
here. If we owned a Triumph Bonneville, we'd look no further.

Norman Hyde

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