"I just got drug by a motorcycle"


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Florida Deputy Mike Musto's coworkers are using words like 'brave' and 'grit' to describe what he did during his attempt to stop a motorcyclist that he claims was riding 112 mph on the I-95. The 62-year-old apparently saw nothing wrong with grabbing the shoulder of a man riding the extended swing-arm shod white ZX-10/6 (can you tell the difference?). Somewhat predictably, the rider did not react well to the officers surprise assault. As can be seen and heard in the video (time-stamped 3/29/2011, but posted earlier today), he used the extended swingarm to his advantage, slipped the clutch like Ricky Gadson and fled from the crazy officer grabbing at him.

"During this five seconds, a million thoughts went through my mind, uh, about how I could possibly get my gun hand loose, ready to do what I needed to do, or if I could just hang on for another second, maybe I could bring him off the bike with me, but I knew I was going..."

Lets back up for a second. The rider has safely gone an alleged 112 mph and was peacefully waiting his turn at a light when Deputy Mike grabbed him. No lights and sirens are seen or heard before we see the bike take-off with cop in tow so it's safe to assume that the officer was trying to be extra sneaky and take the rider by surprise. Rider freaks out when he's grabbed, takes off as fast as he can and the officer is contemplating how best to make him crash or shoot him. All for riding 112 mph and not hurting anybody, not pissing anyone off and not crashing. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Thanks for the tip Mark!

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