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Photos: Denis Klero/Red Bull Photofiles

It's difficult to find novel new dirt bike stunts, people have jumped over deepest canyons, off Arc de Triomphes and done burnouts in women's bathrooms. But doing a backflip over an 8.5-ton Kamaz Master Dakar truck while it's also off the ground? That's never been done before. Cue crazy Russians.

Update: now there's video.

It took 10 days to prepare the scene. 500 tons of dirt was used to
create two eight-foot ramps, 28 feet apart for the truck and two
nine-foot ramps, 69 feet apart for the bike. To clear the jump without
traveling through the bike's path, the KAMAZ needed to hit that ramp at
precisely 40mph. At the peak of its arc, the bike was 40 feet off the

FMX rider Alexey Kolesnikov and Dakar racer Vladimir Chagin did several
takes, culminating in Kolesnikov doing a backflip over the leaping

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