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In this latest short film, "Icon Containment Conflicts," the brand pushes the militarization of bike apparel to a new extreme. You'll find it below. We also asked the company what zombies and guns have to do with motorcycle gear.

RideApart: So, this is supposed to be a commercial?
Icon Marketing Specialist Joe Gustafson: "Not a commercial, more of a short concept piece. There's a general formula for motorcycle films that we just wanted to smash into pieces – longing stare in garage, slow pan onto a person grinding away, kickstart a bike over, wax about a forlorn time, ride away into the sunset. With the ICON 1000 collection being wrapped around this very sci-fi, post apocalyptic theme, it gave us a great opportunity to explore new creative paths."

Icon Containment Conflicts
A modified Triumph Tiger 800 stars in Icon Containment Conflicts.

RideApart: Guns and violence. Weren't you thinking about the children?
Icon: "Like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Walking Dead, etc., we believe this falls into the same categories as a fantasy/entertainment piece. I'm sure I'll be expanding on this point in the comments section."

RideApart: If you had to pick one item from the Icon range to protect you during the zombie apocalypse, what would it be?
Icon: "My personal pick would be a Akorp Jacket because I like my apocalypse with an air of sophistication and a side of kickass."

Icon Containment Conflicts
Zebra Helmets, Muzzle Flash and a lens polarizer, it must be Icon Containment Conflicts.

RideApart: Which makes a better zombie hunter, the Triumph Tiger 800 XC or the Ural ST and why?
Icon: "Both bikes are definitely a different approach to the same answer. The Dromedarii is more of a special-ops, desert runner in that it has all the tech and outguns the Ural in a straight up draw. Plus, the Tiger is the weathered veteran of the ICON garage. Not only did it survive The Raiden Files as the black Tiger, but it also rode through this film with aplomb, and now it sees daily rider duties. The Ural is rugged, reliable, and can be repaired while being knee deep in puddles – like an aardvark with a shoot first attitude. In a wolfpack scenario, you want both in the squad, but when it comes to straight up hunting you want the Triumph. You can never have too much power."

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